About us

Bedson Flooring and Décor is a family-owned business that was founded in 1988.

The Company manages its own 2,000 hectares of prime land in Uruguay with the highest standards of professionalism in a sustainable and responsible manner. This includes mapping of camps, hybrids testing, measuring of forest growth every second year, water, and soil management, etc.

Based in Pretoria, Bedson has a strategic team of skilled personnel, unique and customized service to the industry.

Bedson Flooring and Décor has a factory and sawmill for solid wood; one in South Africa and another in Uruguay.


“As a fully integrated, environmentally friendly conscious company with a sound knowledge of forestry management and wood processing, Bedson Timbers’ aim is to be a better supplier of exotic hardwoods and value-added timber products to the international timber and consumer markets from our forests to your home.”


“Bedson Timbers is strategically focused on fulfilling a need in the architecture, design, construction, furniture manufacturing and consumer market for boards, exotic hardwoods and value-added timber products such as flooring and decking. Bedson Timbers strives to ensure the satisfaction of both customer and stakeholders.”