Douglas Fir

The Wood:

Soft textured. The wood works easily and well with little blunting effect on cutters. The grain is usually straight and may be even or uneven. Density 530kg/m3.

a picture of an exterior Pacific Northwest forest with old growth Douglas fir trees

The Tree:

 A relatively large tree, grows to a height of up to 130 feet (40m) with a trunk up to 48 inches (1.2m) in diameter.


 The sapwood is lighter in colour than the heartwood, which varies from yellow to a reddish-brown colour. There is a pronounced difference in colour between early wood and late wood zones, which gives the wood a very distinctive figure on plain sawn surfaces. Some resin ducts and pockets are present.

Typical uses:

 Kitchens, furniture, flooring, windows, doors.

Source region:

 North America