Mahogany (Brown)

The Wood:

A strong, tough, resilient wood. Naturally durable and weather resistant. Moderately difficult to work especially with hand tools; has a blunting effect on cutting edges but finishes smoothly. Density 850kg/m3.

The Tree:

 May grow to 140-150 feet (42.5-45.7m) in height with trunk diameters of 72 inches (1.8m) and frequently to heights of 100 feet (30.5m) and diameters of 24-36 inches (610-910mm). boles are clear to 60 feet (18m) and more, with or without buttresses.


 Light to dark olive brown with greenish caste, often with lighter or darker streaks.

Typical uses:

 Furniture, industrial uses, tool handles, flooring, decking.

Source region:

 South America