The Wood:

Known for its elegant deep rich red colour and colour consistency. The grain of the Massaranduba is fine, smooth, and straight with a slight shift along the length of the board. The grain is straight, sometimes slightly wavy or interlocked with a very fine texture. Density 1000kg/m3.

The Tree:

 The tree is usually large, attaining heights of 100 – 150 feet (30-45m), with diameters of 24-48 inches (600-1200mm), sometimes reaching 6 feet (1.8m). trees are usually swollen at the base, and boles are often straight and clear to about 60 feet (1.8m).


 The heartwood is light to dark reddish brown in colour. The colour has also been described as dull plum red.

Typical uses:

 Flooring, decking, furniture, musical instruments, boat construction. Ideal for outdoor decking. A good general-purpose hardwood.

Source region:

 Central and South America