The Wood:

The texture is rather coarse but even. Surface is lustrous. The grain is shallowly interlocked and gives rise to a stripe figure. Density 560kg/m3.

The Tree:

 Red Meranti is produced from a large number of species of the genus Shorea. Relatively easy to identify. Tall trees with diameters ranging between 11.8-39.4 inches (300-1000mm). trunks are well shaped. Appears grey or reddish brown from the outside, and the bark coarsens with age.


 Heartwood is variable, pale brown, pink and red, to a dark or deep brown. Sapwood is distinct from the heartwood and lighter in colour, usually with a greyish tinge 1-3 inches (25,4-76mm) wide.

Typical uses:

 Windows, doors, furniture, joinery, kitchens, skirting, flooring, roof trusses, and decking.

Source region: