Oak (White)

The Wood:

White Oak is mostly straight grained with a medium to coarse texture, with longer rays than Red Oak. White Oak therefore has more figure. The quality depends greatly on the conditions of growth. Density 600kg/m3.

Oak Tree On Ridge Of The Coast Range Above The Big Sur Coast California

The Tree:

 Reaches heights of 60-100 feet (18.3-30.5m) at maturity, and 38-50 inches (960-1200mm) in diameter, with a round to wide-spreading irregular crown. White Oak bark is whitish or light grey, varying from scaly to irregularly plated or ridged and furrowed. Leaves are simple and alternately arranged on the stems; have a rounded tip and wedge-shaped base, with evenly notched edges; leaves are bright green on top and whitish underneath.


 White Oak is similar in colour and appearance to European Oak. The Sapwood of American White Oak is light coloured and the heartwood is light to dark brown.

Typical uses:

 Furniture, kitchens, doors, flooring, joinery, construction, paneling, coffins, timber bridges.

Source region:

 North America.