The Wood:

The grain is usually interlocked resulting in a rather broad stripe; texture is medium to coarse, moderately uniform. Easy to saw and finishes smoothly. Heartwood is reported to be very durable when exposed to either white-rot or brown-rot fungi, slightly resistant to marine borers. Weathering characteristics are considered poor. Density 800kg/m3.

The Tree:

 A large well-formed, unbuttressed canopy tree with a flat, umbrella-shaped crown. The trees are generally 20 to 24 inches (508-610mm) in diameter, and 90 to 100 feet (27.5-30.5m) in height. The bole is cylindrical and 60 to 70 feet (18.3-21.3m) high. Bark, when cut, yiels large quantities of sweet, sticky latex.


 Unseasoned heartwood is yellow, often streaked with brown, becoming lustrous golden-brown to russet on exposure. Sapwood is narrow, sharply demarcated, pale yellow to yellowish white.

Typical uses:

 Flooring, cabinet work, exterior and interior joinery, stairs, carpentry, moulding.

Source region:

 South America