The Wood:

A dense hardwood valued for its termite resistance. The grain is straight to slightly interlocked and the texture is fine and even, giving a smooth hard surface. It is a heavy, hard timber about 30% harder than hard maple and is very durable. Rather difficult to work with. Density 1100kg/m3.

The Tree:

 A small tree reaching 50 – 60 feet (15.2-18.3m) in height with a short bole of 10 – 15 feet (3-4.5m) and a trunk diameter seldom more than 2 feet (610mm).


 The heartwood is an attractive reddish brown with irregular black lines or flecks; the sapwood is pale pinkish brown, sharply demarcated from the heartwood.

Typical uses:

 Flooring, joinery, kitchens, decking, furniture, and boats.

Source region: